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On Site Fur Storage

Cahill's offers an on-site, secure, climate controlled storage vault, that simulates a winter environment with the perfect balance of circulating cold and dry air. 

In our storage vault, your furs will be protected from harmful humidity that will quickly deteriorate the soft and suppleness of the skin/leather of your furs.  Investing in proper, annual fur storage will add years to your furs' lifespan and help to ensure they will be enjoyed for generations go come, as they are, or in a new fashion style or home décor item.  See FurtherTM for more information on re-purposing/upcycling your aging, vintage or heirloom fur coats, jackets and stoles.

While in storage it is a perfect time to have Cahill's Master Furriers inspect your furs for possible repairs, cleaning, glazing, restyling or upcycling. 

Visit FurtherTM for more information on upcycling options.

We offer FREE storage Pick-up and Delivery throughout Central and Eastern Ontario.  Contact us for more details.