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Further™ by Cahill


Upcycled Fur for Another Generation!


We are excited and proud to introduce Further™ by Cahill, an upcycled fur design brand that re-imagines furs for today’s lifestyle.  Restyled and Upcycled fur into contemporary fashions and home décor items. 

Watch a transformation here

Styles come and go, but fur that has been looked after can be upcycled into new silhouettes to complement today’s styles, or transformed into something completely new. One of the most common questions we hear today is; "What can I do with the furs in my closet that I don't wear".  These may be 20, 30, 40 years old or even older, and after this time are likely not à la mode (in style).  They may be an heirloom inheritance that have sentimental value and usually many fond memories and just discarding it not an option.  



We have restyled fur coats for years, but over the last year we have broadened the style options of our fur upcycling program to include a range of fashions, accessories and home décor items. The response has been overwhelming.


Fur is all about slow fashion. Slow fashion is a fundamental commitment to designing, creating and consuming garments for quality and longevity. Slow fashion has gained a reputation for inspiring local craftsmanship, ethical treatment of labour and the environment, a smaller carbon footprint and minimal waste across all aspects of the business.

We are all becoming more mindful about the impact of our collective over consumption on the environment, and are now turning to new, sustainable ideas for clothing as well as for home décor.The upcycling of vintage furs is consistent with slow, sustainable, luxury fashion.
With a 400 year history of sustainability, fur happens to be one of the most versatile and sustainable textiles. When properly looked after, a fur garment can last decades and can be upcycled into something completely new. Upcycled fur that has been restyled for today’s look or transformed into a luxury home decor item is both affordable and captures the essence of responsible fashion.  This is what Further™ is all about!


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What you will find under Further™:

Custom Restyled Fashions

Further™ by Cahill - Re-made in Peterborough

If you are bringing your own furs, we are pleased to offer a B.Y.O.F. discount for items such as pillows, teddy bears, and throw blankets.


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