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As Eucalan's founder, Mary Ellen Edgar ventured into the world of alternative laundry during a trip to Australia. While visiting, a friend gave her the Ministry of Agriculture's home remedy for washing woolens; a lanolin-based, no-rinse laundry solution. Living in the Canadian countryside and accustomed to economizing with well water and a septic tank, Mary Ellen tested the formula herself. She was amazed at how beautifully her husband's red and white argyle wool sweater washed up. Encouraged and enthusiastic, Mary Ellen proceeded to go to the next level and began producing the new product on a commercial basis. 

The derivative of the company name, Eucalan, is the combination of two of the prominent ingredients from the original product formula — eucalyptus and lanolin.

In addition to its ecological value, the practical significance of Eucalan is that it can be used in both front and top-loading washing machines as well as in a basin for hand-washing. And with its unique no-rinse benefit, Eucalan is the perfect travel companion, making it simple to wash delicates in away-from-home accommodation and hotels.

For the full range of what you can wash and how, check out their laundry lessons.

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