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D'Arcy Moses for Further

D’Arcy Moses for FurtherTM


D’Arcy Moses is an Indigenous Dene originally from the Pehdzeh Ki First Nation; a small community located in the Mackenzie mountains – in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

His name has been synonymous with Indigenous fashion for several decades throughout Canada through the use of women’s couture fashion techniques, extensive work with leather, traditional hides and fur and more recently, applying the use of digital technology to his work.

D’Arcy’s work has appeared over the years in both national and international television and print media sold at retailers like Holt Renfrew in Canada, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus in the United States.

Throughout his career in the garment business D’Arcy has hosted numerous design, accessory / garment construction workshops across Canada and the NWT working with Indigenous youth and elders. These workshops focused primarily on traditional indigenous design, construction and garment finishing techniques mixed with a contemporary fashion ideology.


Further By Cahill

We are delighted to have D’Arcy’s collaboration on the Further  by Cahill Fashion and Home Décor collection, bringing his years of fashion design experience and a unique aboriginal perspective.

“Fur is very important to me and my people.  The use of vintage and heirloom furs in the Further collection is a great way to pay respect to the animals used to keep people warm from decades ago, that are now hanging in closets not being used.” -- D’Arcy Moses